Review: Tony Vino Live

TONY VINO has joined Tim Vine partway through his latest stand up tour, Tim Timee Tim Tim Timee To You. Last Friday they performed at Bradford’s St Georges Hall and I was lucky enough to be there.

Upon seeing Tony Vino’s name on the poster I was quite disappointed. I really wanted to see Tim Vine’s usual warm up act John Archer, but I was willing to give Vino a go.

Strolling out into the spotlight of the small, traditional theatre, Vino was confronted by an initially cold audience in anticipation for the headliner Tim Vine. However, he was clearly aware of his audience as his set started with a Yorkshire focused routine, slamming nearby towns and imitating the accent, risky, but executed in a charming way to get the audience onside.

His half hour of material was tight and well rehearsed. Anecdotes about his parents and travels while on tour were sprinkled with gags to keep the laughter going, and his friendly tone allowed the audience to warm to him easily. He kept his comedy clean, in keeping with Tim Vine’s style who would be stepping on stage later.

A particular anecdote concerning the price of a ticket to see The Lion King theatre production really livened up his show. He asked the audience what they thought of the £60 tickets. This resulted in the Bradford crowd responding in a hilariously stereotypical manner. He was quick to respond to any heckles, but his responses weren’t the most original, despite this, they did the trick, allowing him to control the room comfortably.

Vino ended his show off the back of his Lion King anecdote by imitating a grand spectacle from the show. Four burly men were dragged up on stage and told to lean back on chairs, later taken away meaning they had to hold each others weight. Animal masks were then thrown off stage, caught by clearly reluctant audience members who were then forced to dance awkwardly on stage. Confetti blasters, a cuddly toy lion and the circle of life echoing round the theatre, completed the pathetic scene to prolonged laughter.

As the show petered out, Vino held a stare at an audience member who had been charged with firing confetti into the air. “It’s duff!” bellowed a broad Yorkshire accent to which Vino grabbed the blaster and fired it into the front row.

If a chance comes across to see Tony Vino, go and see him. His delivery is easy going and he offers a fun uplifting night. Check out his website here.Check out his website here.