Where are Britain’s Got Talent’s former comedy stars now?

Britain’s Got Talent has come to an end, and not soon enough, the talent this year dipped well below par. However, I’m not interested in the latest series, instead I want to take a look at the comedy acts from previous years that, despite not winning, have had a degree of success after their fledgling appearance in the spotlight.


Philip Green

In his audition back in 2013 comedy impressionist Philip Green was a bundle of nerves, but this seemed to bring out the funny in him. He was hilarious just when talking to the judges and was instantly likable. His impressions were also spot on and saw him through to the semi-finals, but that’s where the road ended for Green unfortunately.

He’s since taken to YouTube producing regular videos which have attracted 64,000 subscribers. Impressions are still the beating heart of his content, and he incudes them in parodies of music videos, mock film auditions as well as ‘how to’ videos for his most popular characters.


Jack Carroll

It was 2013 when a 14-year-old Jack Carroll appeared on Britain’s Got Talent with his stand up, and just missed out on winning the show, finishing as the runner-up. His cerebral palsy was a subject for a lot of his comedy on the show, but since then he’s expanded his material.

He’s been hugely successful performing at the Palladium and on Jason Manford’s It’s a Funny Old Week which aired last year. Carroll has also popped up in the popular sitcoms Trollied and Big School. His rapid assentation to the comedy sphere probably makes him the most successful comic act to appear on BGT.


Lorraine Bowen

David’s golden buzzer last year, Lorraine Bowen impressed with her catchy crumble song. She’d played in bands in her early career, then turned solo, to write and perform comedy songs for live audiences. Her hilarious performance on BGT shunted her into public consciousness. Since the show, she has continued to perform, written new songs and produced slightly differing versions of her big hit, the crumble song.


The Brett Domino Trio

Back to 2009 now, and the then three piece keyboard band The Brett Domino Trio had a successful first audition, but failed to reach the semi-finals. Host of Britain’s Got More Talent, Stephen Mulhern, did however take a liking to the Yorkshire threesome, drafting them in as the house band on his show on ITV2.

Since then The Brett Domino Trio have been busy but only as a duo, despite hilariously playing under the same name. They had a brief appearance in the charts with a song about Gillian McKeith’s appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but the majority of their success has been on YouTube. They specialise in awkward humour, their music videos and video blogs proving popular with 173,000 subscribers.

They’ve recently run a successful Kickstarter campaign to produce an album which I pledged seven quid towards so it better be good! Brett Domino, the creator of the band, has also played a melange of musical characters spanning several genres. He also wrote and starred in a sitcom about the his dubstep alter ego Cbomb ripping up the Sheffield music scene, however it only managed to get a pilot on BBC3 not being commissioned for a full series.


Allan turner-ward

With Allan Turner-ward you get more cheese than a bag jumbo of Wotsits. 2014 was the series in which the DJ appeared on BGT, getting through to the semi finals. He doesn’t have many original songs, but what he has produced is pure gold. His audition featured a song called Model Pose, and in the semi he performed an old song of his, Shake The Knees , which did quite well around Europe back in the day, but bombed on the show.

As well as being a local DJ on radio Wimbourne, he’s also produced a couple of new songs – Twistin’, Feeling Glad All Over and Over The Top This Christmas. He isn’t strictly a comedian, but his songs make me laugh whenever they’re on so I’m allowing his presence on this blog. He’s not everyone’s flavour, but I’m for an orange pack of Doritos any day.


Gatis Kandis

Are you well?
No I’m not a well I’m a person

This, the best joke of the 2012 series, was told by Latvian comedian Gatis Kandis. He made it to the semi finals that year and actually returned for the 2016 series, but with little success. His deadpan delivery of utter stupid gags somehow get audiences laughing, but at the same time strip him of his dignity, coming across as a real odd ball. As well as performing live comedy every now and then, he has taken to YouTube, producing what I presume are comedy videos, but they’re even stranger than his stand up.


Feel free to comment below if you think I’ve missed a comedy act that’s found success after their appearance on the show, and as always, remember to share and subscribe, you always seem to forget.