Comedians on tour

I am a comedy guru, hear my words. Well not really but I didn’t know how to start. Anyway, there’s a lot of comedians touring this year that I really want to see and I thought I’d share them . I enjoy a range of comedic styles so as you meander through my waffle, you’ll hopefully discover someone new you really like or find out more about the comedian on that panel show you half watched.


Gary Delaney – There’s something about Gary

Gary is great joke writer, no question. He really thinks about how he forms his gags and how they should be delivered. He’s a one liner comedian and is never afraid to throw in a dirty joke. He moves from gag to gag at a fair lick, which is a phrase that could easily be a punchline in one of his shows. If you’re a fan of puns, Gary is a must see.

Stuart Goldsmith – An hour

I confess I’ve seen little of Stu’s stand up as he hasn’t been on TV that much, but I do feel like I know him quite well, so I’m allowed to call him Stu. This is because I’m an avid listener of his fascinating podcast in which he interviews fellow comedians  in considerable depth. This is precisely the reason why I want to see his new show which will be his first tour. He’s an incredibly likable chap and I get a feeling that he has a real passion for stand up.

Joe Lycett – That’s the way, A-ha A-ha, Joe Lycett

Joe oozes comedy. His observations and anecdotes are funny but it’s his delivery that is the key to why he cracks audiences up. His mannerisms, expressions and distinctive voice make him great to watch. Fans of Magaluf Weekender will recognise his voice from his hilariously condescending narration – despite knowing this, I don’t watch it, please believe me. I also recommend checking him out on YouTube in which he has a frequent installment that is the genius 15 second interview with various celebs. His on stage demeanor is very relaxed, with his stand up consisting of well put together anecdotes and hilarious observations. He’s continuing his lengthy tour and I really recommend seeing him.

There’ll be another post with even more brilliant comedians that are currently touring coming up shortly, so if you enjoyed this please watch out for that. Also don’t forget to look out for my reviews coming up. I’m seeing Canadian comedian Tom Stade on the 29th so I’ll put the link to the review on here and hopefully I’ll be able to review most of the aforementioned shows. Of course if you subscribe you won’t miss a thing, plus it would do wonders for my ego.