More comedians on tour

Here we go again with a new batch of comedians currently on tour that are fantastic and a must see.

Simon Evans – In the money

No gimmicks, Simon is just a man with a microphone, but he is one of the most underrated comics on the circuit. His gags are excellent and delivered with a distinct rhythm that suits his stern demeanor perfectly. Punchlines are quickly slipped into his anecdotes meaning there’s never long to wait until the next laugh. He covers a range of subjects, from family life to politics, but his material is always sharp.

Patrick Monahan – The disco years

Patrick is a whirlwind of a comedian. He shows great energy on stage and can’t help himself from interacting and having a bit of fun with his audience, often resulting in bigger laughs than his scripted material. Whereas some comedians seem professional, Patrick’s off the wall style offers something different, allowing him to create gigs that are a one off, making him great to see live.

Isy Sutie – The actual one

Best known for playing Dobby in Peep show, Isy is also fast emerging stand up comic. She’s a self-confessed odd-ball, making her stories and songs very funny. She comes across as an honest comedian and gives us hilarious insights into her world. If you’re wanting punchlines look elsewhere, but after watching Isy, you’ll soon think punchlines are overrated.

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be able to review these shows. If you missed my earlier post here’s some more comedians I recommend. Thanks for reading and please subscribe, share or sneer at me having wasted your precious time.