Review: Athena Kugblenu @ XSMalarkey

Athena Kugblenu performed a set at Manchester’ regular comedy night, XS Malarkey, and in doing so demonstrated she has the ability to make her mark on the comedy scene.

Having received favourable reviews at last years Edinburgh Fringe, Athena has made more headway in this show and, despite being first on the bill, had the audience in stitches from the start.

A young London talent, Athena’s material is new, fresh and sharp. Her ‘resting bitch face’ routine is a hit, and by cleverly comparing relationships to a mobile phone in another skit, she is able to make a series of well thought out gags and innuendos.

Her exploration of racism, and particularly sexism, is refreshing, and she executes her jokes with the skill of an experienced comic.

Her persona resonates well with the slightly younger crowd, displaying an in trend attitude, while maintaining her relatability.

Athena is certainly one to watch, with her brand of clever observational comedy a win in the eyes of younger comedy fans.


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