Tour picks no. 9: Sam Simmons Not a People Person

Next in the countdown is Sam Simmons. He’s possibly the silliest comedian currently touring. The Australian’s material is refreshing however, very different from mainstream stand up but despite this he’ s popped up on several TV shows including 8 out of 10 cats and Room 101.

If you like your jokes to have structure and make sense then maybe Simmons isn’t for you. He appeals to anyone with a childish sense of humour, the type of things that adults shouldn’t be laughing at.

He stretches the tools available to a stand up comedian, making novel use of props, clipboards and voiceovers. He also exploits his physical features, much like other comedians, but Simmons has considerably more to go off which I don’t think’s rude to say.

Simmons likes to mess with his audience, particularly when his material doesn’t quite land, with his aussie hard edge and, like anyone from that part of the world, he’s great at swearing.


If you like absurd humour then check out his tour dates and as always thanks for reading, look out for number 8 coming soon.



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