The Two Ronnies’ top 10 sketches

Ronnie Corbett, best known for his work alongside Ronnie Barker, was a pioneering comedian and actor. His partnership with Barker resulted in the greatest ever sketch show, The Two Ronnies, which aired in the 70s and 80s, running for 12 series. It lead the way for shows of the same style such as Armstrong and Miller as well as The Mitchell and Webb Look and offered a more sophisticated type of humour as a contrast to Monty Python. Here’s my top 10 out of what is a huge catalogue of hilarious sketches.

10 – Crossword

The beauty of this little skit is the ending. The ending of a sketch can make or break it and the final line is the crux of this sketch. To be honest anything with a nun is funny.


9 – Dr Death

A simple idea but made great by the perfect execution.


8 – Bald man at a party

Accidentally mentioning a taboo subject is not an original idea but it is done well here thanks to some superb acting.


7 – Swedish made easy

A great piece of observational humour starts this sketch off, with the writing taking it to the next level.


6 – Crossed lines

Another clever concept made funnier with the balance of inuendo and obsurdity.


5 – Mastermind

The idea of this sketch is perfect to just lay the jokes on, and the steely faced acting adds to the humour.


4 – You can say that again

Barker and Corbett’s comedy chemistry is highlighted in this sketch, it’s one of those that couldn’t be performed by anyone else.


3 – Name droppers

The writing here is superb, and the quick delivery makes it one of my favourites.


2 – Round of drinks

Drunk acting is renownd for being difficult, but here Barker shows off his skill by delivering jumbled up lines with great humour.


1 – Four Candles

A classic. Not just the best Two Ronnies’ sketch but the greatest of all time.


Goodbye Ronnie

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